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truss house features

Truss House simplifies high performance construction for single and multi-story homes on pile or concrete foundation/slab. 

Truss House is a process for every frame & truss plant to adopt regardless of wind load, snow load, earthquake zone and software supplier.


Truss House is chosen by Community Groups, Government Bodies, Iwi & Maori Trusts, Corporations and Others.


Truss House is designed by Architects, Designers, Engineers and Builders. 

Truss House™ is uniquely suited as a building system for an OSM operation. 

Truss House™ systems are fabricated under license at certified frame & truss plants across New Zealand and are covered by the fabricator PS1.


Truss House design options are limitless, ask us how to learn more. 

Truss House Manufacture

Our clients want universal access to rapid build high strength infinitely scalable climate resilient housing.

Truss House is a locally manufactured building system designed to simplify high performance construction for single and multi storey homes on pile or concrete foundation/slab.

Truss House holds the Intellectual Property for the use of trusses as houses. The process is a tool, we license the system, the existing supply chain retains 99% of the product monetisation.

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