Simple Sustainable Housing for Communities


Client Name


Waihi Beach School

Waihi Beach, New Zealand


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Be The Change (Delta) operating as Truss House New Zealand has leased a property in Waihi Beach from the Waihi Beach Primary School. This property was built in 1967 and requires ongoing maintenance to its 50+ year old structure. The property contains a functional rear garden and large front section. This property is a valuable asset for the community.

This property and front section are the location of our Simple Sustainable Housing for Communities (SSHC) pilot program.

SSHC is a philanthropic venture. We are establishing the first high efficiency community-based training and accommodation unit for the sustainable Truss House™ system. 

Our trainee builders will construct two units, each unit will be 30 SqM. One unit will be an office and training centre, the second unit will be accommodation for our resident builders. Each unit will have between 200mm and 600mm of insulation, LED lighting, rainwater collection and be solar ready.


This building will be donated to the Waihi Beach Primary School upon completion of our training program. 

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