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Simple Sustainable Housing for Communities

Truss Housing is a simplified method of achieving a high efficiency building envelope using established supply chains and community based providers. 

Construction Site

Traditional OSM - Background

Prefabricated or Offsite manufactured (OSM) housing is the construction of buildings and components of buildings offsite in a factory, which are then transported to the sites where they are needed. 

The key advantages of OSM housing are speed-to-market, cost, sustainability, health and safety, and addressing skills and materials shortages. See more at OSM Innovation

Traditional OSM - Reimagined

What if the OSM process was not viewed as a method and process for housing delivery but as an opportunity to create and build communities with housing at their core. When the absence of housing and community is part of the problem, the solution can only be created by bringing housing and community back together. P.A. 2022

Young Worker
Colleagues Working Together

Simple Sustainable Housing for Communities

Truss House is establishing a process of Simple Sustainable Housing for Communities using the OSM model, shifting the focus off delivery and reinstating the core values of forming and maintaining relationships by strengthening ties between members, Whānau and organizations. 

Establishing a SSHC Program

Combing the Truss House system with a community based training and delivery process we can connect Communites and Housing back together. Our pilot programs will be running through New Zealand in 2022. Check our projects page for more.

Architect on Building Site
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