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Simple Sustainable Building

 We are on a mission to establish a global framework for cultural, social and economic equity in housing.

We believe equity can be achieved if housing is community led, affordable, scalable and sustainable.


Housing is our primary method to remain connected to our tāngata (people), our whenua (land) and our whānau (families).

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What is a Truss House™?

A Truss House™ is an entire home built from portal truss frames. Truss House Systems are manufactured in New Zealand by an existing network of accredited fabricators already producing truss roof systems. The high efficiency housing envelope can be put together on site, within days, by small teams and finished using standard or high-performance materials.

The Original Prefabrication Process

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What is a prefabricated roof truss?
And why do 95% of New Zealand houses use them?

  •  95% of residential buildings in New Zealand use timber nail-plated roof trusses to form the roof structure.

  • Pre-fabricated wood trusses offer advantages in building construction through machine-made accuracy and more efficient use of timber.

  • A rise in quality expectations coupled with a declining skill base makes greater use of prefabrication almost inevitable.

  • Compliance requirements are less onerous once processes and relationships are established between authorities and prefabricators.

  • Prefabrication provides a reduced likelihood of timber treatment chemicals leaching into the environment through more controlled waste management processes. 

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What is a prefabricated House Truss?

Applying the efficiencies and advantages of a prefabricated roof truss to the WHOLE HOUSE! 

  • Rapid build system with 200mm to 600mm thick walls.

  • Available locally to every community in New Zealand, can be assembled on site quickly by small teams.

  • Large wall and floor cavity for ease of servicing and space for LOTS of  low density insulation.

  • On the majority of structures, a Truss House will be more affordable than a site built house.

  • Truss houses are stronger, lighter and higher performing in Earthquake and high snow/wind zones.

The Truss House™ Prefabrication Process

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Unique Features of Truss House™

We recognize that communities are driven to address their own placemaking process. We provide access to a locally constructed, rapidly-built, sustainable high performance building system.

Using a network of NZ based Frame & Truss (F&T) fabricators we are unique housing solution with;

  • Zero barrier to market entry (no set up cost for the F&T fabricators) that are already certified and utilize a mature/stable supply chain can produce up to 5000 units a year

  • No MVP limitations or scaling up/down costs (build 1, 100, 1000) using the established network of F&T fabricators. (Scaling down can be as risky as scaling up in the current economic climate)

  • Passive design/Net Zero Ready as standard with low-cost insulation/air tightness options

  • Ability to adapt existing ‘standard’ designs/floor plans to a frame-based solution or easily create new designs using standard frame profiles

  • Zero interior load bearing walls for ease of universal design and a co-design process

  • Solutions for concrete slab or pile foundations (all site options)

  • Transfer of knowledge for a build process that is teachable and requires minimal community-based training

  • Can be site built or assembled as OSM units

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