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About Truss House™

The Truss House™ portal frame is a repeatable element used to construct part of/or entire buildings, enhancing the traditional combination of floor + walls + roof truss.

Render of a fully built black Truss House™ with staircase and furniture, next to the Truss House™ framing showing the different house levels and structural framing

Our Approach

Truss House™ takes a systematic approach to construction, ensuring efficiency and sustainability in every project.


Reducing design costs through using repeatable elements, while using DfMA principles, leading to faster manufacturing lead times, in existing Frame & Truss plants.  


Reduces Licence Building Practitioner requirements onsite, as all engineering connections are completed in the frame & truss plant, enabling you to deliver more houses with your existing staff.

Speeds up sub trade time (eg. Electrical & plumbing) through ease of access and onsite coordination planning tools, which decreases delays for a faster build


Solving the problem of how you will meet new code requirements as they roll out between now and 2030.
Low-carbon, high-performance housing at the same cost as today's traditional build.


Our vision is universal access to climate resilient housing.

"the greenest energy is the energy we never use"

Experience the future of construction with Truss House™. 

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