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Housing innovation the world has been waiting for

The Truss House™ portal frame is a repeatable element used to construct houses, replacing the traditional combination of floor + walls + roof truss.

At Truss House, we're deeply committed to addressing the pressing issues impacting our industry. We developed our systems in response to a growing need for a scalable high performance building method. 

Leveraging proven engineering, Truss House systems are lightweight, cost-effective, and easily constructed. System designs are compatible with existing frame & truss software and suitable for the manufacture of single level and multi-story framing systems.

We enable your existing supply chain to design and manufacture Truss House™ systems.

We supply digital files to enable designers to utilize our flexible solution to deliver high-performance building systems within your fixed engineering constraints. (Our BIM and CAD models are easily integrated into your current digital design suite.)

Our interactive digital knowledge system provides the onsite team with details needed for installation on their smart phone. 

Our systems integrate into your supply chain relationships, with ease, taking everyone along on this improvement journey. 

We seamlessly integrate into the Frame & Truss design software, guaranteeing easy PS1 documentation for consenting.

Truss House™ Examples


Using our proprietary portal frame system we’ve created a beautiful high performance Truss House™

for urban and rural environments.

When using Truss House™ systems you gain:


Repeatable frame elements with high design variability


Faster design time and shorter manufacturing lead times


Capacity to meet housing demand using familiar system process


Thermal efficiency, energy use and low operational carbon emissions

More Benefits

Reduced design costs and faster manufacturing lead time with a focus on DfMA • Reduces Licence Building Practitioner requirements onsite, as all engineering connections are completed in the frame & truss plant (scale output with existing staff) • Speeds up sub trade time through ease of access, decreasing delays and costs for a faster build • Reduces delays from consenting as education of BCA taken care of • Deliver 2030 ready low-carbon, high-performance housing at the same cost as today's traditional build

All systems intergate as per NZBC intent 

Allowing for seamless contractor and sub trade integration for electrical, plumbing, HVAC and fire/acoustic.


Certification Pathways: 

BRANZ – as per frame and truss

SED – TH initial then as per frame & truss

PS1 – as per frame & truss

Multi-proof – optional 

Our Team

Black and white image of Kim smiling with her arms folded


Kim is passionate about scalable, sustainable, and high-quality housing.

Her background in structural engineering and design provides her with deep domain expertise and a robust technical foundation.  As the original founder of the Truss House system, she has a proven track record of innovation, complementing her technical skills and an extensive knowledge of building science. Kim's experience as a consultant in construction industry adaptation and transition is marked by a strong focus on productivity and decarbonization at scale.

Black and white image of Jane sitting down with her arms folded in her lap


Jane is on a mission to improve the performance of the building and construction sector.


She has been a pioneer in driving system transformation across the construction sector for the past 20 years. Operating at the nexus of sustainability and innovation, Jane has vast international experience from the World Bank to advising government strategies in Aotearoa. Recently Jane led the Innovation work stream at MBIE's Construction Sector Accord. She is now consulting, alongside her board advisory roles. 

Black and white image of Damian standing looking directly to camera, wearing a black shirt with black framed glasses


Daiman operates at the intersection of design, construction, innovation & product development. 


He brings high value expertise and experience from multiple organisations into the Truss House team. He has governance experience as Board Chair of Offsite NZ, as well as advisor to the Construction Sector Accord & Te Uru Rakau – New Zealand Forestry.
As a leader in the field of Modern Methods of construction he regularly speaks on podcasts, at conferences, and inside companies across Australasia.

Black and white image of Pamela smiling wearing a Truss House jumper


Pamela is a visionary driven by the potential for transformation within individuals, communities, and the broader systems that underpin society.


Her aptitude for systems thinking enables her to ask strategic questions and distill complex ideas into clear relatable concepts. Throughout her career Pam has been engaged with people, ecosystems and sustainability; motivated by the desire to create lasting positive change. She sees the Truss House unique framing system as a quantum leap for the construction industry. 

Add Truss House™
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We partner with organisations building at scale. 

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