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 Truss House

At Truss House, we're not just a business. We're socially driven and deeply committed to addressing the pressing issues impacting our housing sector.

We envision a model of climate-resilient, sustainable, and community-led housing that meets future standards today. As a social enterprise, our primary purpose is to create sustainable, energy-efficient building systems that not only serve our customers but also contribute to a healthier planet.

The Truss House model is a revolutionary approach to housing in NZ. It focuses on empowering communities to solve local housing challenges, tailored to their unique needs. This model is the next evolution after the development of the Truss House technology, aiming to make its benefits available to everyone.

Our model is collaborative by design, centred on transferring knowledge and enabling communities to adopt and evolve the model to become self-sustaining without reliance on the Truss team. 


Truss House - Advanced Framing System

Urgent action is needed to transform the way we construct. We are revolutionizing the construction industry by delivering on the 2030 targets for low-energy buildings today.

Our building systems are seamlessly integrated into beautiful architecture, often invisible to the eye.


Our factory-built systems are designed to withstand even the most extreme climate effects.

Each system is locally constructed and swiftly delivered to the site, fully engineered and ready for assembly, which takes just a few days. 

Our building systems establish a foundation for low-energy consumption. By adopting our conservation-first approach, our clients can significantly reduce heating and cooling loads, leading to substantial energy savings.

At Truss House, we embrace offsite construction while honoring traditional building methods and the skills of local tradespeople.


Our approach is not about replacing local builders; instead, it empowers them to enhance capabilities, reduce risks, streamline the consenting processes, and achieve remarkable building performance that exceeds future code requirements.

Truss House™ solves the urgent need for sustainable building practices to meet strict carbon reduction targets. We address this problem by providing a building system that enables existing factories in the construction sector to produce complete house systems that are cost-efficient, exceed 2030 standards, and quick to fabricate and install. By using a decentralized network of established factories, Truss House™ reduces the risks associated with market fluctuations and supply chain disruptions.

In essence, Truss House provides a simple, low-cost, and widely available climate-ready solution that bridges the gap in the market for sustainable building practices." Kim Aitken B.Eng. PDE 


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